A Different Point of View

A lot of people have been wondering what type of impact we make from a social workers point of view... wonder no more, the answer is here!!!

"Being able to see first hand the impact that Bundles of Hope has had in our community is inspiring. To know that these young adults could recognize an area of unmet need, develop a ministry and see it grow to the size it is now in such a short amount of time is inspiring. Bundles of Hope is a blessing to not only the kids for whom the bundles are intended, but also to the foster parents, social workers and those who support the organization. The influence of that blessing cannot be measured and seeing the reaction when bundles are distributed brings great joy. I am inspire by their vision and passion and proud of their work in this mission field. Bundles of Hope challenges us all to be more aware of the unspoken needs in our community and resolve to make a difference in any way possible. Their example is testament to their spirit of love and compassion for those who struggle."

-Jasper County Social Worker

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